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Posted on 15.07.2011 at 10:50
 Yep, today is the day! Chance of a Storm is out on E-Book!!


It's very exciting to hear from people who read your book, especially when they say they can't wait for the sequel!! I don't exactly feel like JK Rowling today, but she's an inspiration to many authors me included!

Here's to hoping one day something I write makes it to the big screen! Hey! We're allowed to dream, aren't we?

So, nice and easy. Comment here to win a free copy of Chance of a Storm! If you don't have an account to post email CONTEST to jennafern @ gmail.com and you'll be entered too!

Thanks for all your support and I hope you enjoy the novella!


Kenneth Mark Hoover
kmarkhoover at 2011-07-15 14:55 (UTC) ()
Yay! Congrats!
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